Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I didn't start writing for publication until late in life, so maybe I'm not the best critic. However, even a newby like me can still wonder where these so-called "journalists," many of them who get "book deals," learned their grammar and syntax. It's one thing to write nonsense in the name of political correctness; it's another to write or verbalize statements (frequently)such as: "There's dozens of people...," (we have no more plural verbs); If I would have..." (what mood, tense, etc does that mean?); John Doe, HE, went to..."; and the ubiqitious participle people ("I'm wanting to see him") These sorts of comments are not restricted to any given network, cable or broadcast newspaper or magazine, but seem to be pervasive. It's a sad day for the language when a guy like me has to defend the language. 
Oh well. Fiction dialogue makes it easier.


  1. And what a wonderful job you're doing to! I am aware that I started my sentence with a conjunction! LOL!

    Take care

  2. Not a problem with the "and" as far as I'm concerned--just colloquial, shorthand conversation. It's the routine incorrectness due to lack of understanding and poor schooling that quacks my bill.

  3. This sort of thing drives me crazy, too!!