Thursday, January 13, 2011

O. Henry

I was talking with an editor of a Southern magazine publication yesterday (the mag had agreed to review an ARC) and the conversation came up regarding magazines and low profit margins, etc.

Later, by chance, I was thumbing through an OLD text of Southern literature when I came across a short bio of O. Henry( William Sydney Porter). Born in Greensboro, North Carolina he migrated to Texas where he purchased a magazine (The Rolling Stone). Also working as a bank clerk, he found it necessary to help himself to bank funds to subsidize his struggling magazine.

For this love of literature he did three years in prison in Ohio.

Just a bit of trivia for the literary-curious.


  1. Helped himself to bank funds! That made me smile.

    I am always interested in such literary "trivia." It's so fascinating.

  2. What one must do for one's passions and art! :-)

    Take care

  3. Interesting tidbits about O. Henry! I love his short stories, yet know so little about him.

  4. I love bits of trivia. Now I can bring it up in conversation and everyone will think I am sooo smart.

  5. Don't let em know you got it from me--they might not think you're so smart!!