Friday, January 13, 2012


Excerpt from Redneck Diary:

January 1,
Lester, and brother Bubba, and what’s his name, Mac Something or Another ,took all the empty beer cans from the football game party last night, and sold them at the can redemption place. Ernest Jones owns the redemption place and he stays open because New Year’s day is one of his best business days. It’s open year round, what with our trailer park so close and being its biggest customer. They got paid over $14.00. They got paid by the pound, I think, and there was just the three of them that had been drinking all the beer. It was a great New years eve. Just the four of us. They used the $14.00 to buy more beer because some more big games are still ahead. Mac--whatever his name is--can’t watch today on account of his girlfriend Darlene wants him over at her trailer for New Years--I can’t imagine why. Bubba came back over, though, and brought us house gifts --a large can of cashews and a six pack of toilet paper from the Piggly Wiggly. Bubba is awfully damned sweet.

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