Saturday, March 12, 2011

Advanced Praise for Mississippi Cotton

"In Mississippi Cotton a 20th Century Huck Finn has a real adventure. No matter that his raft is a Trailways Bus along the river, the trip is no less toward maturity. If you like a good story, this is your book, a book told by someone who knows the terrain--its history, people, landscape and culture. Only a proper native could have his narrator say that his daddy taught him never to hold onto anything with Lincoln's face longer than you had to. If you want to meet a close cousin of Faulkner's well-mannered little gentleman Lucius Priest in The Reivers, then read Mississippi Cotton."

Dr. James Everett Kibler . Dr. Kibler is a retired professor of English at the U. of Georgia. He also has authored novels (Walking toward Home, Memory's Keep) and an excellent nonfiction Our Father's Fields.


  1. What a cool cover! Will the book be availible as an ebook? I have become spoiled by my kindle and can't imagine having to carry around an actual book.

  2. I believe it, at some point, will be "ebook" form.